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I would like to offer you a very warm welcome to our successful Sixth Form Centre at St. Anne’s Catholic High School for Girls.

Our Sixth Form offers a broad range of A Level and BTEC Level 3 courses and a nurturing, close-knit community. Our dedicated Sixth Form team are committed to providing outstanding pastoral support and an atmosphere of academic excellence for the young women in our care. Our Sixth Form is an inclusive one and, although most of our students are Catholic, we are a multi-faith community and we welcome applications to the Sixth Form from girls of any faith or none.

When you ask our students what makes our Sixth Form so special, there are certain things that come up time and time again:
The caring, supportive staff who provide excellent academic and pastoral support. The strong sense of community and atmosphere of mutual respect and care.The Supervised Study periods, which they say really help them to stay on top of their workload.The way in which the school supports their applications to university, including the support for those applying to competitive universities like Oxford and Cambridge, to conservatoires, overseas universities or for competitive degree-apprenticeships.The opportunities that they get to participate in extra- and supra-curricular activities, including the opportunity to be part of our award-winning gospel choir.

To their list I would like to add something that I feel is even more important; the girls themselves. Our students are ambitious, kind, dedicated and considerate. They make this Sixth Form a very special place to study. Here, your daughter will find a community that support each other to achieve their very best. The students here help one another, respect one another’s right to learn and celebrate one another’s achievements.

I very much look forward to welcoming your daughter to be part of our community.

Kaylea Vevers
Assistant Headteacher


Our purpose-built Sixth Form Centre provides excellent facilities including small seminar rooms for group work, a large common room where students can relax at break and lunch and where they can study during lesson time, classrooms with up-to-date IT facilities and a computer suite. There are also computers for students’ use in the seminar rooms and common room as well as laptops that students can borrow for use in the Sixth Form Centre. Our catering company serve food in the Sixth Form Common Room at break and lunch and there are kitchenette facilities for students.

Our building is accessible, with an accessible toilet and a lift to the upper floors. Our main school building also has a chair-lift for students who may have lessons in some of the specialist rooms there, for example in one of the science laboratories or art studios.

We are very proud of the working environment in our Sixth Form. When they are not in lessons, our students have Supervised Study. This takes place in our Sixth Form Centre and students work quietly, under the supervision of a member of staff. We believe that students have a right to a quiet learning environment where they can focus and work productively.

Achieving Success

In offering a broad range of Level 3 courses including BTEC, our Post-16 Curriculum is designed to excite and challenge students.

Lessons in our Sixth Form are challenging and stimulating and our teachers are highly effective practitioners. Students are encouraged to be ambitious and intellectually curious and they are able to achieve excellent outcomes, moving on to universities that include Oxford, Cambridge and the Russell Group and to competitive courses like Medicine.

We encourage our young people to take positions of responsibility within the school. We value most highly the contribution our sixth form students make through their roles as Head Girl, members of the Head Girl Team, Fair Trade Committee members, Senior Prefects and Eucharistic Ministers.

The many opportunities for extra-curricular activities include participating in the Liturgy team, the annual ski trip, community work with the elderly and local businesses, volunteering, First Aid training, academic mentoring of younger pupils and peers, and charity fundraising.

Moving On

We are a Catholic school and our ethos is encapsulated in our school motto: “Act justly, love tenderly, walk humbly with your God”, which we encourage our students to live out daily. The young women at our school carry out a range of charitable work, they work hard at their studies and they are proud of their faith, whatever faith that may be. If you would like to know more about what life in a Catholic Sixth Form is like then please do get in touch with us, we are always happy to answer questions.

Our popular sixth form provides the opportunity for girls to become effective independent learners, extend their academic knowledge and develop skills that will be invaluable at university and in the workplace.

All students complete an enrichment course, where they receive guidance and advice on time management for successful study, the university application process, revision skills and preparation for higher education. Guest speakers from universities, colleges, charities and private enterprises inspire our students to achieve, and we actively encourage our girls to attend open days and taster courses.

Whatever their next step may be, our students leave well prepared for any challenges that they may face.

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